There comes a time in a woman's life that she looks back and see's all the goals she set out to achieve and wakes up and it's a new year and she didn't take action on those goals because of the self limiting beliefs and the story she has told her self her whole life. 
This year it is time to RISE! It is time to change your story! It is time to bust through all the doubts, fear and lies that have haunted you! 
This day will inspire you to to take action and you will have a breakthrough! 

Get registered and bring a friend! This will be a brunch and there are only 30 spots available! 

Guest Speaker: Shannon Varvel- Wife, Mom, entrepreneur, Overcomer!

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    Women's Rise Event$ 15.00
    The definition of Rise: to get up from a lying, sitting, or kneeling posture; assume an upright position. This is the year to Rise and to breakthrough!
    When:03/03/2018 11 am
    Where:602 Foxtail Ct. Troy, Ohio 45373
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